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Leaves Shadow

Awaken the Magic Within

Embody the Leader

Imagine if....

You trusted your channel and ability to hold powerful spaces and stoped overthinking and second guessing

You could lead from the wisdom of your body and step into your soul work

Your shadows and struggles transformed into your power and your greatest gift 

You stepped into self empowerment and stopped waiting for permission to shine

Your life became embodied magic and you stepped out of overly masculine habits that drain you. 


You had a clear connection to your intuition and could make decisions from an embodied knowing with ease.

trust your magic and lead

The world needs your magic, your intuitive gifts and your empowered leadership

will you answer the call?

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a journey with Riya Rose to embody your power and step into your soul work

Weekly Group Calls to Integrate and Make Magic

Vocal Activation with Guest Facilitator Ruby Chase

Unleash your Self Workshop with Guest Facilitator Yarixa Ferrao.

Weekly Chakra Deep Dives to Amplify your Embodiment

Rituals, Ceremonies and Practices to Learn Embodied and Powerful Space Holding

Group Chat to Ask Questions and Connect with your Peers

Downloadable Content on Embodied Leadership 

Shamanic Journeys to Connect you with your Guides

This is for you if....

You feel the call to lead but don't know where to start
Your soul is calling but you don't know how to embody your power and step into your soul work 
You have done so many trainings and have a lot of knowledge but are unsure how to integrate it all and share it 
You know you are a channel but can't seem to get out of your head and let the magic come through 
You crave holding deep and magical containers but don't know how to craft ceremonies and rituals
Imposter syndrome is diminishing you power and keeping you from stepping into the role of embodied leader
You know you are here to serve and embody your soul work but you are stuck in self doubt and overly masculine ways of building businesses
It feels like there is a piece missing, something you feel but can't seem to bring through and embody.
You desire to deepen your own soul led practices and learn new ways of connecting with your guides, your ancestors and the Divine.

What clients are saying

This container was in a word, Juicy. Like the inside of a cocoon juicy. We went deep, with loving guidance, and found pieces to our own puzzles that helped us unlock new levels. I found this experience to be unique in that I felt 100% held and guided, but also 100% empowered to curate my own approach. It’s not often you feel so connected in a virtual setting, but Riya is really good at helping everyone tap in without feeling like you have to share if you’re not led to. Being surrounded by so many powerful women was intoxicating in the best way. I felt that deep sense of sisterhood that I believe most of us long for. If you want to call what emerges from this portal “Priestess,” you’ll have everything you need to embody that in your own unique way. All I know is I emerged more potent and more me…unafraid of being more in all ways. Thank you to Riya for holding this container, and to all of the guest facilitators for sharing your magic.



Having the opportunity to explore the depths of the human experience and the magick that comes with it was such a beautiful, empowering, and eye opening experience.


This course gave me the gift of putting language to my inner knowing. Things that I have long felt and known, but may not have fully brought to the surface and turned over, I am now able to understand. This course gave me the tools to connect more deeply to source, to self and to the earth. Each class felt like a deep calming breath, that left me saying "yes, this." I now feel like I have the capacity and knowledge to ground into myself, heal from old wounds, bless my life and the lives of those I love, and connect to the Mother and all living beings. I feel empowered to own my gifts and use them in my life. Riya is a wise and gentle teacher who makes becoming your highest self not only feel possible, but crucial. I wish every human would give themselves the gift of becoming an Embodied Priestess, or Priest. ​


The Transformation




Journey through each energy center in your body.

Clearing stuck and stagnant energy and learning to embody the power and wisdom of each chakra. Learn powerful tools to connect with yourself and fully embody your magic.

Learn to trust your channel. 

become a channel and hold spaces while channeling directly from the Divine. Utilize the power of ritual and ceremony to recieve powerful downloads. 

Step into the leader you were meant to be 

Embody you soul work and the empowered leader that this world so desperately needs. Live a life of purpose with your soul as the guide.

The Journey


Rooting Foundations

Focusing on the root chakra and creating the foundations for your embodied magic


The Sacred Flame

Activate the sacred flame of the self and step into your empowered expression. Own who you are in an Activation ceremony with Yarixa


Divine Expression

Unblock your throat and share your message with the word. 

Vocal Activation Ceremony with Ruby Chase


Wear your Crown

Become the embodied leader you were meant to be and channel magic straight from the Divine.


Wisdom of the Womb

Learn to access the power of your sacral and live aligned with your cycles. Create from your primordial power stored in your sacral


An Empowered Heart

Embody unconditional love as an empowered and sovereign leader

Access the Living Library of the Earth


The Inner Seer

Connect to your inner wisdom and intuition. Open your third eye and clear illusions.



Integrate everything you have learned. Group ceremony to close the container.


The Container

All Content Available Live and On Demand

Live Group calls once per week
Live practices to guide your embodied journey
Two guest facilitator activations 
Downloadable content to savor the magic


Chakra Downloads to deepen into your embodiment 

Lifetime Access 

An Embody your Business mastermind call

About Riya Rose

Hi, I'm Riya - A life long spiritual seeker, Clinical Herbalist, 500 E-RYT and initiated Priestess. 

I began my spiritual journey when I was just 12. I found Buddhism and began meditating and studying spiritual texts. I felt lost in my connection to the Divine and hadn't found anything that felt true in my being. Meditation showed me how to reconnect with source.

Fast forward to 2011 when I was deep into meditation but completely disconnected from my body. 

Luckily the practice of yoga entered my life and quickly grounded me back into my physical being.

This path led me to finding alternative ways to nurture and heal my body through herbalism and somatic understanding. I walked through the path of initiation as a Priestess and learned how to integrate my knowledge, embodied knowing and channeled magic.

Untitled design (6).png
Untitled design (6).png

Since then I have led countless women into empowerment through ceremonies, group programs, trainings, one on one work, retreats and women's circles.

Meet our Guests

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 10.57.09 AM.png

Ruby Chase

Ruby Chase is a singer, writer, producer, DJ, and social alchemist. With a focus on taking her listeners on a journey, Ruby serves up a unique ritualistic approach to her live performance, weaving a broad span of musical flavors ranging from deep tribal bass to floating angelic highs. Blending worldly dance tracks with her original music, ethereal live vocals, and interactive invitations, Ruby’s sets turn the dance floor into a ceremony.


Yarixa Ferrao

Yarixa is the creatrix queen b of Unleash Movement. She is a soul-igniter, passion provoker and a catalyst of courageous creativity and personal freedom. She is on a mission to create unity in the world with the embrace of individuality. Additionally, She was in the field of transformation as a world-renowned inspirational health and fitness coach for almost 20 years, featured on multiple TV and Media outlets such as TLC, MTV, CNN Español, Univision, Fitness Rx Radio and Woman’s Day Magazine. 

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Payment Plan

2 X $ 555

Pay in Full

$ 1,111


Pay In Full Bonus

On Demand 90 min Session with Riya

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Pay In Full Bonus

Your Questions Answered



Who is the course for?
This course is for anyone who feels the call to step into embodied leadership and bring more magic into the spaces they hold.



How long is this course?
This is an eight week container that begins on August 16th.



I have a busy life, will I be able to keep up with the content?
While this course does require dedication to your growth, all content is recorded and available to watch on your schedule.



Do you accept refunds?
No, all sales are final.
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