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Intro to Earth Magic

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Begins Oct 12th

This is the perfect course for those just starting out on their journey with magic and the unseen realms, and even the for the seasoned witch who would like a more solid foundation for her practice. In this course we explore the foundations of working with the Earth and anchoring ritual and ceremony as an embodied and intuitive part of your life.  This course is virtual and recorded 

What you get 

4 Live Classes

You will receive four live recorded lessons to expand your magic.

A Community

A chance to gather with like minded souls in community.

A Virtual Classroom

You will be added to a virtual classroom to organize your work.

Downloadable PDF's

Each lesson contains downloadable PDF's  full of magic. 

One Session with Me.

One hour long virutal session with Riya is included. 

Practices and Rituals

Each lesson comes with practices and rituals for hands on expierience.

Investment $444

What you will learn


Using the wheel of the year, astrological modes and houses to tune in and create a harmonious cyclical life and ritual practice.


learn basics for crafting rituals and become empowered to intuit powerful rituals for yourself to align with your fullest expression.


learn the basics of working safely with ancestors both known and unknown. learn how to build an ancesteral altar.


Using ancient practices learn to create a safe container for your rituals and ceremonies. Open to safe guides and energy


Intro to Earth Magic is designed to be taken live but all classes are recorded to learn at your own pace.

When complete, you can schedule a 1:1 integration call to ask any questions and discuss your path.


10/12 WEEK ONE


The wheel of the year 

Building an altar


Working with the moon 


Intuition- find you center

10/19 WEEK TWO

Creating safe containers

Magical tools 

Book of shadows


Working with ancestors

Closing ceremony





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"Intro to Earth Magic awoke something deep inside of me. It reinforced a connection within that is ancient and true. As I began to practice the elements introduced to me by Riya, I found that the magic I was seeking was waiting for me to simply open the door. Riya's sage wisdom and deep connection to the Earth guided a most remarkable reclamation of the inherent magic within and all around me. I cannot wait to continue this exploration and remembrance of Earth Magic. If you feel pulled to this course, trust that you've been guided in the right direction, follow your intuition and prepare for the magic to reveal itself."

- A.

"If you’re reading this review, it means this class has presented itself to you. It means you are ready. It means the reflection of you that is the Universe and the Earth would like to walk alongside you as you travel farther through your journey. There is no coincidence this seed has been planted. I suggest to water it. I suggest to say yes to moving with intention. I suggest to say yes to quieting the mind and strengthening the intuition. I suggest to lean in to that feeling of flow state that comes with living in alignment. I suggest connecting deeper to yourself, discovering who you are and what you’re capable of. Priestess Riya guides you to yourself. She teaches you how to listen to the Earth, to deeply revere and work with her Magic. She guided you to deepening your relationship with the Moon, and how to flow with her natural cycles. She teaches you how to begin to navigate the relationship to your ancestors. She helps you build a strong foundation, with intention, deep reverence, and incredible power for your personal craft. Riya holds you in a protected space, a vortex, of powerful Love and embrace so you may ease into surrender. That “feeling” i suggest to lean in to, that is the vortex. She holds the frequency of the space, channeling high frequency back to your vessel in a way the human can innerstand. I highly recommend this course or any workings with Riya if you are ready to go deeper, to find whatever it is you ‘think’ you’re looking for. Connect to yourself, to your craft, to the great One and I promise you won’t regret it."

- S.

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