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Nurturing Intuition: Unveiling the Voice Within

In the midst of our busy lives, it's essential to distinguish between the guidance of our intuition and the chatter of our ego-driven thoughts. A powerful way to discern between the two lies in reconnecting with the somatic experience of our bodies. Unfortunately, our modern, Western culture has trained us to live predominantly in our minds, disconnected from the wisdom residing in our physical beings. Developing this skill takes time and effort, as it requires us to delve into our embodied state, confront the messages our bodies communicate through physical symptoms, emotions, and blocked energy, and face the stored trauma from both our current and past lives. Simultaneously, we must integrate the divine oneness that exists within us. While it may be challenging to plunge into the depths of our embodied state after being cut off from a conscious relationship with the duality of our existence as infinite souls in finite physical forms, it is a journey worth embarking on.

The Invisible Barrier

One common obstacle we encounter is the unawareness of being trapped in our own minds, lost in a whirlwind of mental chatter. In this state, we feel disoriented, confused, and disconnected, making it seem impossible to descend into our bodies and be present. However, there is a way to bridge the gap and create an exit strategy using our mental faculties.

A Simple Inquiry

Allow me to present a life raft, a simple question that serves as a bridge between the ever-busy monkey mind and the unyielding core of our intuition:

"Does this thought inspire surrender or control?"

This straightforward reflection swiftly reveals the source behind our motivations. When our intuition speaks, we experience a sense of trust and surrender, feeling connected to something greater than ourselves. Conversely, when our minds and egos fabricate stories that drive our actions, we become tense, isolated, and consumed by an overpowering need for control.

The Power of the Question

What makes this simple question truly remarkable is that it gradually guides us towards an embodied state as we place more trust in our intuition. We embark on a gentle and nurturing journey, one that allows for healing and wholeness. It encourages us to address our shadows, emotions, and physical manifestations at a pace that respects the delicate nature of our psyche. In a world that constantly demands speed and productivity, this approach offers ease, rest, and an opportunity to honor our innate capacity for self-discovery.


As we strive to navigate the intricate paths of our lives, understanding the distinction between the voice of our intuition and the clamor of our ego-driven thoughts becomes vital. By reconnecting with our bodies and embracing the somatic experience, we can develop the skill of discernment. Through a simple question that prompts introspection, we can recognize whether a thought inspires surrender or control. This practice gradually deepens our connection to our intuition, leading us on a transformative journey towards healing, wholeness, and a profound understanding of our true nature. Remember, this is not an easy path, but rather a gentle guide that allows us to honor ourselves amidst the relentless pace of the modern world.

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