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Working With the Moon

Working with the moon is a powerful tool for aligning with the energies of both your internal rhythms and the flow of the universe. The moon pulls the ocean tides and shifts the collective energetics of this planet as it waxes and wanes and has a powerful effect on the Earth. Humans have long noticed the power and potency of the moon and have followed and tracked the moon well before written history. Some of the earliest calendars were created with the moon as a guide along with women's menstruation.

Early prehistoric moon charting

The connection between the 29 day cycle of the moon and the 29 cycle of a women's menstruation cannot be ignored. The moon and women's menstrual cycles were seen as sacred and great teachers in early humanity. Even if we do not have a womb that bleeds, tuning into the Divine Feminine wisdom of the moon is healing for us all. Allowing ourselves to have seasons of rest and seasons of activity and creation can make our lives more joyful and potent. A woman's cycle is one of the greatest teachers of this wisdom. Nothing in nature produces all of the time and we are part of nature. Tuning into the moon allows us to drop into this more intentional and cyclical way of being.

When we begin to live in coherence with our inner rhythms and the outer rhythms we feel nourished. In this state, our creativity can flow more abundantly and instead of pushing ourselves to exhaustion we can find pleasure in creation and work because we have allowed space for rest, play and emotional processing. Dropping out of the capitalist western mentality that under values rest and glories chronic busyness can be difficult to do without an external anchor at first. This is where the moon can be your greatest ally.

Being intentional and dedicated to the cycles of the moon will change your life. I can attest to this first hand. Everything I have written down in a moon ritual is currently part of my life. I am regularly in awe at the power and potency of working with the moon and listening to the guidance and wisdom she and my cyclical body holds. The power of resting the first two days of my cycle and planning my creation time during ovulation allows me to be vibrant instead of drained. The amazing gift of stopping to tune in with my life and the energetics at work in the universe every full and new moon has changed everything about the way I live. More Magic has flowed naturally into my day and created a more intentional way of living. It has crafted a life that I chose instead of one that is just happening to me.

So much of my life I owe to the wisdom and lessons I learned from my moon workings. It can begin very simply with lighting a candle on the full and new moon. Tune into how you feel, set your intentions and burn what you are ready to release by writing it down on paper and safely setting it ablaze. This very simple act of dedication to yourself and a higher calling will shift everything. The magic is in the dedication. Try it out for a few moon cycles and see what changes for you.

If you feel called to learn how to do these moon workings more deeply, be sure to check out my online course Intro to Earth Magic, Pre Registration is open now!


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