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Body & Soul

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Spiritual Guide, Healer, Priestess and Medicine Woman

My passion is holding safe space that allows for the innate wisdom within to be seen, integrated and applied in my clients' life.

I believe we must be met on every level to truly thrive, mind, body, soul and energy body.

My work is unique, as I utilize holistic health, ancient practices, shamanic tools, ceremony, spiritual wisdom and plant medicine to create a one of a kind healing protocol.

I am currently accepting new clients

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Riya, a lifelong spiritual seeker, has dedicated over 15 years to deep study and practice. As a Clinical Herbalist, E-500 Registered yoga teacher, Priestess, and Ceremonialist, she channels her extensive knowledge and experience to empower others on their transformative journeys. Through her leadership in numerous workshops, the development of impactful trainings, and her one-on-one guidance, Riya has guided countless individuals to embrace an embodied and empowered way of life.

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Retreats to nourish
your soul

These retreats offer a space to dive deep into your being while held and supported in a safe container.

Yoga, ceremony, play, ritual and ecstatic embodiment 

Deep integration of your being on every level.

Rejuvenate your passion and begin a new cycle of growth and abundance

Coming Jan 2024
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More from Riya 

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Work 1:1

"within all of us are the answers we seek. I am here not to help you chase more external information and give your power away. Rather, it is my highest honor to witness as you regain your connection to your body and the Divine and learn to trust your innate wisdom. In tune with the cyclical nature of your being and the Earth." 

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