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Meet your Guide

Hi, I'm Riya - A life long spiritual seeker, Clinical Herbalist, 500 E-RYT and initiated Priestess. 

I began my spiritual journey when I was just 12 when I found Buddhism and began meditating and studying spiritual texts. I felt lost in my connection to the Divine and hadn't found anything that felt true in my being until meditation showed me how to reconnect with source.

Fast forward to 2011 when I was deep into meditation but completely disconnected from my body. 

Luckily the practice of yoga entered my life and quickly grounded me back into my physical being.

This path led me to finding alternative ways to nurture and heal my body through herbalism and somatic understanding.I rediscovered how to listen to my body and utilize a holistic approach to wellness. Healing my cystic acne and anemia all with the power of plants.

With the guidance of the Earth, along with the wisdom of the stars, I began hosting women's circles in 2017. This led me to my Priestess initiation in 2020. Since then I have owned and sold a yoga studio, written and guided trainings and courses, led workshops, ceremonies and retreats all over the world and worked with many incredible people one on one. 

total hours teaching =

2,000 +

I am so excited to meet you!

Fern Leaves

Mind Body and Soul

together we can uncover the light of your soul

Body : as a clinical herbalist, I offer guidance on holistic wellness and chronic illness so you can live a vibrant healthy life.

Mind: as a spiritual teacher and psychic, I help uncover the limiting beliefs and mental frameworks holding you back.

Soul: as a yogi and priestess, I channel healing sessions, rituals and practices to guide you into connection with the Divine and your soul.

Where ever you find yourself on your path I am here to meet you where you are and empower you to embody your vibrant soul.

What we can focus on in our sessions

Holistic Wellness

Life Coaching

Spiritual Attunment

Wellness is found when we tune into every level of our being, from our mental state, to our gut biome, to our diet. Utilizing food as our medicine and herbs to nourish and support, Together we can listen to your body and bring balance and vitality to your life.

We all get stuck. Mental blocks we can't even see create patterns in our life that feel impossible to rewrite. An outside perspective can change everything. Together we will reprogram limiting beliefs and release patterns that are creating stagnation and suffering.

Spirituality can be such a confusing topic these days. With so many people leaving organized religion behind it can be difficult to know how to create your own sovereign connection with the Divine and find practices that make you feel centered, grounded and expansive.

How it works

Our online sessions will last either 60 minutes or 90 minutes depending on your package selection and scheduled at a time that suits you.
Sessions are held via zoom and are typically held every other week but can be held at a pace that feels good to you.
I suggest at least 3 sessions together to see lasting results.

What my clients are saying about our sessions

Client Love

"Riya not only guided me to physical healing through herbs and natural wellness practices, but she also guided me to profound and thorough emotional and spiritual healing. She has empowered me to take charge of my healing through becoming in-tune with my body, and becoming my own medicine through mindfulness practices. With Riya’s guidance I have gone from horrible chronic pain and terrible anxiety to a state of profound thriving. I am eternally grateful."


Without knowing Riya at all I found opening up to her about the truths and fears present in my life to be natural and easy. Her vast knowledge and intuitive perceptiveness left me feeling validated, challenged, affirmed, and hopeful. Her counsel is both actionable and aspirational, her insights are both precise and universal. The space she creates is safe, the container she holds is fathomless. To be the beneficiary of her inherent wisdom, her unusual kindness, and her tranquil nature is a gift for which I will always be grateful. 


"Riya holds you in a protected space, a vortex, of powerful Love and embrace so you may ease into surrender. She holds the frequency of the space, channeling high frequency back to your vessel in a way the human can innerstand."


"Riya helped to guide me to an even more authentic version of myself. I found tools, new levels, and awareness I hadn't yet reached. So grateful."


Image by Su San Lee

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